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The Princess House/ Joshua Safe Haven

The first Princess House opened in 2005, in owner of Dr, Sarita's daughter, "Princess". Housed in a rented home on Olive Street, the first Princess House accommodated 12 women. The new Princess-Phyllis Wheatley House at 2214 South Benton Blvd. in Kansas City, Mo., owned by Sarita Lynne Ministries, opened Feb. 28, 2010 and can house up to 21 women. The Ministries also operates a house for men, the Isaiah’s House, at 3344 South Benton Blvd.

The Princess-Phillis Wheatley House is a faith-based, family focused transitional living environment. It believes in an unbeatable concept, a combination of faith in God, supportive family, compassionate good in-patient/out-patient/after-care treatment, and complete recovery support with the assistance of diligent community-based resources. The women, young and middle age, come from all walks of life. Some of them have generational addiction issues and some are ex-offenders and even veterans of war returning with emotional and substance abuse problems.

“My daughter and I shared this dream—of creating a safe place where these women could learn to see their full potential and another side of life. Every time I see a woman here make a breakthrough and begin to love herself and do the hard work it takes to change, I can feel the presence of my daughter. When I give the women here a hug and a smile, my Princess is hugging them and smiling too.”Click this text to start editing. This block is great for showcasing a particular feature or aspect of your business. It could be a signature product, an image of your entire staff, an image or your physical location, etc. Double click the image to customize it.


President: Sarita Graham

Secretary: Janice Howlett

V-President: Jesse Barnes

Treasurer: Van Racy


Mike Huges

Darian Williams

Kathie Kerr

Charles Usher

Chaplain Minister Greg Wilson

Marketing Strategists LaShawn Myers (Mocha)

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